Shipping Policy :   (Shipped from Mainland U.S.A)

Although we are based in Hawaii, all kratom is shipped from our warehouse in Colorado except the Super-Green which is shipped from Hawaii. All kratom sold by Da’Kine Kratom is contained in 3-5 mil FDA approved bags. We provide you with a variety of shipping options. Once a shipment is handed to the carrier, Da’Kine Kratom is no longer responsible for it. You should receive tracking information once your order is ready to go out. If your package does not arrive but shows delivered in the carrier’s tracking system, we will not be held liable. If the package does not arrive and tracking indicates such, the extent of our liability is to aid you in locating the package with the carrier. In the rare case it gets damaged or opened in transit, stolen, or modified, we do not accept responsibility.

We pride ourselves on our packaging and shipping process, and take care to ensure your order arrives safely and expediently; however, in the unlikely event that there is a problem with your order that was due to technical or human error, or if you have questions about what you received, please give us a call. By placing any order through us online, by phone, email, or any other form of communication, you are automatically subject to our policies

Shipping & Delivery :​

All orders except Super-Green will be shipped on the SAME OR NEXT BUSINESS DAY that payment is collected. This guarantee only applies to orders paid before 5pm Eastern Time. The exceptions include weekends, federal holidays, and office closures due to weather or illnesses/emergencies. FedEx does NOT include Saturday as a transportation day unless you specifically request Saturday Delivery. Thus, a 3-day package sent out on a Friday will not arrive until Wednesday the following week. We do not ship on Saturdays.

We will do our best to get it out ASAP, but cannot guarantee shipping times-that depends on the carrier. We also cannot guarantee that expedited orders received with payment after 12pm Hawaiian Time will make it out that same day due to pick up times.​

* Note we try our best to accommodate the shipping method selected at checkout, however, in some cases-for instance, if the size/quantity of your products does not fit the type of package/service selected, this may be changed at our discretion.

Super-Green shipping rules: Due to circumstances not under out control, Super-Green orders can only be shipped out 2 random days per week. When payment is collected, we email you the day can be shipped just to let you know.  They ship out of Hawaii. (Super-Green is Da’Kine : ). Priority mail (USPS) takes the same time as on the mainland to be delivered though (3-5 business days).