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At Da’Kine Kratom, we value quality over quantity. The naturally grown, high-alkaloid, high potency kratom we sell comes from a cooperative of mainly 3 farms in Indonesia. Our kratom is very consistent. We sell only high quality single strains that are unblended. It is picked, processed, and shipped every 3 months so it is always fresh .  It is all processed the same unique, careful way : the freshly picked leaves are quickly dried in a clean, cool, air-conditioned indoor environment.  This is not the norm in this business.

Usually, kratom in Indonesia is dried in the hot humid environment, which results in oxidation, darkening, and degradation of the kratom. Drying in a cool air -conditioned room results in a fresh dried , brighter green product that has not been oxidized, and not turned dark, brown, yellow, or reddish, like some kratom on the market.

Why does all our kratom green-colored and look almost the same?...

What most people don’t know is that all kratom, including red-veined kratom strains, are a similar green color when dried quickly at cool temperature. Kratom that is yellow, red or brownish red- colored is not fresh. It has oxidized. It is either dried very slow in the hot, humid climate of Indonesia, or picked when the leaves are no longer green and turning brown or yellow (or at worst picked up off the forest floor). That is why we do not sell any red or yellow colored kratom. The alkaloids oxidize and break down when its not quickly dried while freshly green and in the dark away from sunlight.

Some types of kratom are purposely fermented and oxidized to change the alkaloid profile. We have nothing against these fermented types.  Some can be quite good, but we just specialize in non- fermented fresh dried kratom.

We are a very small operation and like to keep things simple, so we just offer kilos and 100 gram bags. We ship orders over $75 free by usps within 2 business days after your order has been paid.

After much searching for high-alkaloid, fresh-dried, natural kratom, we believe that we can consistently bring you just that 🙂

Da’Kine Kratom

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