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One of the things that makes Da’Kine Kratom unique is that we value quality over quantity. The kratom we sell is selected after sampling dozens of varieties and choosing the very best for our customers and ourselves. We currently do not have a very large selection of varieties, but the ones we sell have has been carefully selected to be above average. After much experience and thought, we decided to mostly sell organically grown farm-raised kratom instead of forest grown kratom. The reason, is that the quality of farm  raised kratom is easier to control. It can be picked at the perfect stage. The product is often much more consistent than wild harvested kratom and the trees are bred for a high alkaloid content.

Why do we  mostly sell freshly dried kratom that is green colored?

What most people don’t know is that even red-veined kratom strains are green-colored when dried quickly in low light and low temperature. Kratom that is red or brownish red- colored is not fresh. It has oxidized. It is either dried very slow in the hot, humid climate of Indonesia, or picked when the leaves are no longer green and turning brown or yellow (or at worst picked up off the forest floor!) . That is why we do not sell any red “colored” kratom. The alkaloids can oxidize and break down when its not quickly dried while freshly green and in the dark away from sunlight.

Some kratom is purposely fermented and oxidized under controlled conditions that causes it to change color and also changes the alkaloid profile on purpose. We have nothing against these types, but we just prefer fresh non-fermented high alkaloid kratom.

Due to a disability, we have to keep things simple, so now we just offer kilos and 1 oz samples.

Dakine kratom is a one person operation. Due to circumstances not under my control,  kratom orders can only be shipped out 1 random day per week. So if you need kratom really fast, you might want to order elsewhere. But if you just want some really good kratom at a decent price and don’t mind the extra wait,  you are at the right place!

Our kratom is grown, dried, and processed the same way at the 3 farms in Indonesia. So the quality is very consistent. It is picked, processed, and shipped every 3 months so it is always fresh.

Having built up great relationships with our suppliers, we believe that we bring you the best quality (and purest) product available every single time.

Da’Kine Kratom

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