At Da’Kine Kratom, we value quality over quantity. We specialize in fresh kratom dried indoors in air conditioning.  The kratom we sell is selected after sampling dozens of varieties and choosing the very best for our customers (and ourselves).  Most of the kratom we sell is raised by three farms in Indonesia for a more consistent product with a normally higher alkaloid profile than the average kratom on the market. After spending countless hours finding and developing relationships with our vendors, we are confident that we have access to the best of the best–and take pride in our track record of consistency.

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Some of our esteemed users
WOW! I cannot say enough about this Yellow Supergreen. This is my new favorite! Only a small amount required. I am guessing it must be...
Yellow Supergreen is amazing! A little goes a long way. The only problem is that most other kratom strains don't compare for me anymore! This...
My favorite green. Very High quality. Finely ground product. I like Ketapang for day. Shipping was fast and excellent customer service.
At first I though they were expensive....until I experienced the quality and strength of their kratom!  You get MORE than what you pay for here!!

Ed DawsonNew York

Thanks for ONLY selling really high quality kratom. This is my new "go-to" for kratom.

Matt BarnesAtlanta

They don't have a lot of varieties, but the ones they have are GREAT!! Some of the best kratom I ever had!
Now I feel like I never tried real kratom until I got their yellow Supergreen! Now THAT one must be like what the locals use!

Kelly HaywardAthenss, Ohio

I am really impressed with the quality of the Supergreen and green ketapang .  This company is no-nonsense! They shipped mine same day!